Bird-Themed Games You Can Enjoy Online

You don’t need to be a fan of birds to appreciate the games on this list. There are so many types of birds that they make great characters. Their world is in the air, in trees, at sea, and on the ground, which means game concepts can get interesting.

Ever since the days of Tweety, Donald, and Daffy Duck, cartoon bird characters have earned a place in our hearts. Whether you dream of flying, or love comical birds, these are the games for you.

Bird-Themed Mobile Games

Apps have given us fun games to play wherever we go. There’s no shortage of bird-themed ones either.

Angry Birds

Perhaps the most famous and popular of the games on this list, mobile users have downloaded games from the Angry Bird series over four billion times. The storyline revolves around some hungry green pigs that have stolen the birds’ eggs. Essentially, it’s a puzzle. Each different colour bird has characteristics that you need to take into account when you fire them from a slingshot.

Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird craze hit in 2014. The game is challenging, but playing is simple, which gave it universal appeal. The addictive nature of it caused the developer to withdraw the app from stores, which only made it more sought after. This little bird is an excellent example of how you can play arcade games on touch screen devices. It relaunched as Flappy Birds Family, so you can still give it a try.

Bird Land Paradise

For bird lovers, you don’t always need to be competing; you can enjoy the beauty of these creatures. This app simulates caring for birds, feeding them, and also breeding new, beautiful varieties for your collection.

Console Games with Bird Characters

Some of the most memorable video games have featured prominent bird characters.


One half of the famous duo, Kazooie brings lots of impressive bird characteristics to the game. Not only do you have the power of flight, but the beak acts as a weapon, and she launches eggs at enemies too.

Final Fantasy Chocobos

Featured in every game since the second Final Fantasy, the Chocobo forms an integral part of the narrative in this legendary franchise. In fact, this bird has even earned spinoffs. They give characters the power of magic, climbing abilities, and flight.

Zelda Kaepora Gaebora

This owl acts as a powerful ally in several games in the series. It takes on the traditional traits of a wise bird that gives good advice to Link at many stages of the adventure.

Bird-themed Slot Games

The fact that there are so many types of bird, from penguin and ostrich to eagle and flamingo, means that they make a brilliant theme for slots. There are so many to cover, and you can find them on CasinoHawks.

The main highlights are:

  • Birds on a Wire
  • Tweethearts
  • Birds!
  • Magic Owl
  • Phoenix Princess Slot
  • 1 Can 2 Can
17 Dec 2020